Music You Can Relate To by The OMT, building your confidence one song at a time.

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The OMT 

Music Producer, Recording Artist, Mix & Mastering Engineer

With a cascade of mixtapes, singles and EP’s to his name already, The OMT has outdone himself with his latest. Creating music audiences can relate to on a global scale, W.Y.S (wise), is a single for the people.

"Music is my life," he notes anytime someone comes at him about his aspirations. High hopes and determination have gotten him this far and he's ready to take things even further.

He rewrote and revamped Chris Brown's "Run It" at the tender age of eight-years-old and it was as clear to him then as it is now that he had the skills to succeed. From there writing and music consumed him. By middle school, he'd transformed from Thabang to The OMT and really started to come into his own. Come high school he was writing and recording, self-teaching himself to produce and making waves along the way.

“W.Y.S” along with many of his other songs, showcases a man whose faced obstacles time and time again. Only his gotten up and risen above the hardships each and every time. In the long run he hopes his resilience will establish him as much as his musical muses; Drake and T.I. Respecting their ability to be themselves and go the extra with each move they make, The OMT sees himself in them.

While they’ve inspired his music, it is his grandmother and aunt who inspired his life. Raised by them, he works hard for them and wants to provide as best as he can for his loved ones. Which is why he is working on releasing more music in the coming months

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